International network partners for the development of innovative solutions for product and company authenticity in the food value chain.

For the network collaboration, SMEs, hubs, and research institutions jointly develop innovative solutions. The expertise of the partners lies, among others, in the areas of food quality and safety, nutrition and health, production and process technologies, authenticity data of companies and organizations, detectors for food control, digital logistics, tracing in the eCommerce sector, IT development in the blockchain environment and digital interfaces.


Afrobodies is an innovative Biotech company from South-Africa. It is focused and well-known for the development and production of biological products. Afrobodies produces custom antibodies that detect previously ‘hard to find’ substances with speed and precision.

The products are used e.g. for testing of specific pesticides on fresh fruit, testing for disease in animals, testing for the presence of specific environmental contaminants in water, etc.


The agency for sustainable communication develops communication solutions, creates attention for companies and communicates sense and benefit of sustainable products and services. For this purpose, an individual holistic analysis is carried out to create effective and sustainable communication. Since its founding in 2009, its focus has been on the creation of sustainability strategies, certification according to the German Sustainability Code, and the editing of sustainability reports and statements. Since May 2019, the agency, based in Baden-Baden, has been certified with the German Sustainability Code.


CargoLedger delivers data driven solutions for supply chain, transport and logistics with blockchain.
Paper is still one of the main challenges in the nowadays supply chain and logistics. Paper adds complexity. It gets lost. However it also provides trust.
Blockchain makes this easier.
Deleting data becomes impossible. Sharing is a breeze. Changes are transparent. With proof-of-origin and proof-of-delivery for optimized planning. Insight in who does what, where and when. Better information for all stakeholders.

We save our customers up to 70 cents on the EURO spend on order handling and administration.


Chefslist develops software for food wholesalers to simplify order taking between wholesalers and their customers. The company is known for developing user-friendly applications for small and medium-sized wholesalers as well as restaurateurs, hotels, bakeries, butchers, and supermarkets. The focus is on digital order management (e.g..: Set delivery days, manage order templates, edit assortment, set automatic order reminders). Chefslist’s customers come from Germany and Austria.


Dewango GmbH develops innovative validation products. The customer structure ranges from start-ups to DAX corporations. In doing so, the company is able to transfer already established methods and techniques to corporate clients by working with start-ups.

Dewango’s expertise includes the development of software and the use of AI, which screens the personal skills of employees (CVs and expertise) and assigns them to areas of application.


DIH INNOVATE is an association of several digitisation centres in Austria, consisting of universities, research institutes and innovation centres. The aim is to promote technological innovations in the fields of agriculture, as well as for forestry and energy industry and to build bridges across sectors.

Together with SMEs in Austria, the initiative develops solutions (amongst others, also as an integrated approach along the entire food value chain) on how to use digitisation to make their own operations more innovative, efficient, sustainable, and secure. The tailor-made programme, which is dynamically adapted to the needs of SMEs, is carried out by international technology and innovation experts and is broadly diversified thanks to the range of different focus partners.

Within Trace+Trust, DIH INNOVATE acts as a networker and supporter of transnational projects focusing on agro-tech and agro-food.


DIH SÜD is a competence network that supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation with expertise, networking, and infrastructure.

The goal is to sustainably increase productivity and quality, accelerate growth and secure competitiveness through concrete implementation projects in the company.

The activities range from initial information to consulting and qualification to support for concrete innovation and research projects. SMEs are given easy access to know-how and the existing infrastructure of the partners.

The content focuses on production and manufacturing technologies, security, data science, digital business models and processes, logistics and human resources & young talent.

Groenewold – new media e.K.

Groenewold – New Media offers services around app development, website and portal solutions, online stores as well as blockchain applications and artificial intelligence.

The team not only provides support in planning, conception and programming, but is also always there for the customer after implementation when it comes to the maintenance and ongoing support of the applications and IT systems. Common frameworks, techniques and programming languages are always used, so that the customer can be sure that his application/system is “state of the art”.  

NeoAura Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

NeoAura Technologies Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India started with a vision to support farmers transition from experience based farming to data driven farming. NeoAura believes that in this era of technology the field that needs it the most is the one that sustains us all, Farming. NeoAura uses latest technologies like IoT, AI, ML, NN to equip farmers with real time data in the most farmer friendly manner, not only to solve problems but also predict and prevent upcoming problems, paving the way from conventional Agri and Aquaculture farms to fully autonomous Agri and Aquaculture farms. NeoAura ensures robust technology and minimal network dependencies to diligently deliver results at all times. It focuses on using the data to create new revenue streams and hopes to go for quality pricing rather than quantity.


REAMIT is a transnational European Territorial Cooperation project co-funded by Interreg North West Europe Programme, implemented by a consortium of international partners from UK, Ireland, France and the NL. REAMIT stands for: Improving Resource Efficiency of Agribusiness supply chains by Minimising waste using Big Data and Internet of Things sensors.

REAMIT aims to provide at least 5 customized solutions for agri food companies based on Internet of Things sensors (traditional temperature and humidity and new sensors e.g. Raman Spectroscopy, 3DFluorescence), Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The solutions are offered to agri food and logistics companies, which are keen to offer trustworthy data in the food supply chain, by continuous monitoring of conditions in which food is stored and transported. The REAMIT solutions aim to generate alerts if these conditions change and create a risk of food to become waste

Regiothek GmbH

Regiothek GmbH was spun off from the University of Passau (Chair of Data Science) in October 2018. The startup has set itself the task of optimizing the exchange of information along the food chain, from producers to processors and retailers to restaurants and end consumers via state-of-the-art communication technologies. Already the first published version of the platform with the USP of geographical supply chain visualization provided for founder and sustainability awards on federal and EU level.

Since 2021, Regiothek GmbH has been working on a BMEL-funded AI research project in cooperation with the University of Passau. The SMAEG-Bot project develops and investigates AI-supported methods that automate the exchange of information between food providers and the platform in the best possible way.


s2m – Company for Technology Transfer pursues the transformation of scientific know-how into economic value creation, i.e. the commercialization of research results. The company can draw on an extensive, network of experts in science, business and politics.

One of s2m’s technology fields is food tech, especially sensor technology in the agrifood sector. We have special expertise in the construction of sensors that can be used to detect substances through various optical spectra. In the field of food analysis we focus on the development of mobile hand-held measuring devices. Our portfolio ranges from optical technology development for the detection of contaminants to product development of modular handheld instruments for the food value chain.

s2m’s customers include technology-oriented startup companies as well as larger commercial enterprises seeking specific technologies and technological applications.


Tageos is a global market leader in the design and manufacturing of RFID inlays and tags – products that have been established as key components for track & trace, product authentication and product digitization solutions, and for a broad variety of applications such as supply chain visibility.

The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, innovative RAIN RFID (UHF), NFC and HF products, enabling end-customers such as retailers, brands and industrial manufacturers to identify, authenticate, track and trace, and complement their product offerings in a wide range of applications and markets. Tageos is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has received ARC Quality Certification from Auburn University’s RFID Lab for the design and manufacturing of its RFID inlays and tags. Tageos is headquartered in Montpellier, France, with offices, sales, R&D and operations in Germany, USA, Hong Kong and China.


Technaura Systems is known for its services in the field of data management. In the environment of IoT (Internet-of-Things), the high use of sensor technology in everyday products and high data transmission rates (e.g., 5G), Technaura has developed various solutions for processing the highest volumes of data in near real time. These are offered to customers on a tailor-made basis.

Technaura offers various data streaming solutions in the so-called Apache Kafka environment and its ecosystem. This makes it easy to manage even a heterogeneous data flow.

Technaura’s service profile includes architecture and consulting, DataOps, configurations/operation and monitoring, migration to cloud services, creation, and deployment of microservices. In addition, Technaura has developed solutions in the monitoring area to detect anomalies in data flows (e.g., to detect fraudulent financial transactions).


Based in the heart of Europe’s leading agri-food area, Valorial is an agri-food competitiveness cluster catering for north-west France. Valorial’s scope extends across the 3 regions – Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Normandy – and brings together 370 members, representing together 800 industrial firms, research centres and higher education establishments, to focus on developing smarter food.

Valorial was established in 2006 and our core purpose is to identify, set up and support innovative, collaborative R&D projects, in 5 cross-cutting areas of excellence: Food, nutrition & health; Food quality & safety; Manufacturing, processing & preservation technologies; Functional ingredients; Agricultural and agri-food marketing. Its latest roadmap ‘from the roots to the stars’ was selected, symbolising the ambition to accompany members and innovation projects towards European scale.

Valorial’s personalized services include consultancy services for project set-up, including European projects; consultancy on innovation strategy and management; specialised intelligence (“Science  &  technologies”, “Food trends”, “Nutrition & health”, “Focal points & thematic zooms”), Search for partners, Financial analysis & planning, Project management assistance, Networking. Valorial offers a committee evaluation of projects, giving a label to projects recognised by investors and other stakeholders in France : 500 projects (from €250.000 to €17 million have been labelled since 2006, representing over €1 billion of investment in R&D by project partners).